Album Review: “Hello Memory” by Little Daylight

“Little Daylight” consist of band members Nikki Taylor, Matt Lewkowicz and Eric Zeile. They are based out in Brooklyn, NY and their new album  Hello Memory,  which was release on July 15  is outstanding! The energy through this album is high definitely party friendly and summer beach savvy tunes.  I am amazed I did not skip any songs on this album. I also had two favorite songs out of this ten track album. “Overdose” and “My Life” are the two that stood out to me. Those tracks are great to listen too! They are upbeat, her vocals are amazing on each song its a great tune to party too or just workout and clean your room. I really liked this album, would I buy the whole thing…hmmm not sure that I would but it’s well made. Capital records have a great group of artist on their team. The reason why I would not buy the whole thing is the replay value is low and I don’t see myself listening to these songs over and over again but this rock, alternative, pop album is worth the price of $7.99.


Album Review: Jason Mraz “Yes”

Jason Mraz is a 37 year old singer song-writer from Mechanicsville, Virginia. His new album “Yes” which was released yesterday on July 15  is a Classic, jazzy, chill arrangement of music; Where you just want to sit back and drink some tea but that’s none of my business. My favorite on the album was the song “Shine” out of all the chill and semi upbeat tracks on this, the song “Shine” to me, feels like it embodies everything the album is going to offer. If that even makes sense but with that being said I did not skip over any songs, its a well made album and Jason’s vocals are amazing. His voice is like a smooth blend of yogurt and ice-cream meaning that its great to listen too on a hot summer day. I would not consider buying this album for I only really liked one song but I feel like there is defiantly a market out there for people who loves this type of chill, acoustic, guitary, I want to say hillbilly but with class, you know, type music. I like it and if  heard it on the radio I would not change the station.

Album Review: “Strange Desires” by Bleachers

This New York bread indie pop band is interesting. I can’t say I love them but I want too and it kills me. I found my self skipping through most of the songs in the album. I just found the tunes uninteresting; they lack the certain pow or wow factor to truly pull me in and hold my attention but I do have to  say there was one song in particular that I did love. “Reckless Love”  is the name of it. This track is definitively different from the bunch. It has a more full body feel too it,  from the beginning  to the end I was into it, also I felt like the artist is more real and singing from the heart on this one. Now lets talk about that mess of a song with Yoko Ono called “I’m ready to move on/Wild Heart Reprise what a mistake that was. Her voice just ruined the whole song, I mean they themselves don’t have the best vocals to begin with but add Yoko in the mix and you just have  a piece of ham. The whole song was just annoying to listen too. “Wild heart” and “Rollercoaster” are two decent songs on the album everything else besides “Reckless Love” I could care less about. The replay on “Reckless Love” is high but not so much with Wild heart” and “Rollercoaster” I would not at all consider buying this album but I would consider buying “Reckless Love” but ill let you guys be the judge, maybe im wrong and my taste in music is just different. I don’t know you tell me.

Album Review “Don’t Kill the Magic” by Magic

This upbeat album is really cool! With a Caribbean vibe all through out it; makes listening a breeze. This album is fun and entertaining and I can hear it being played at a lounges or a small get together. There main hit “Rude” which is now number two on the 100 list, this song is being played everywhere. Radio, TV, lounges, stores…I mean come on all tho I must say it deserves it. Its really great. I personally love it but that’s not the the only awesome song on the album. You also have “No Evil” the harmonization on this track is crazy nice both “Rude” and “no Evil” is a great sing along. Anyone can learn the chorus just from hearing the tune once. The album over all is great! Personally I would not buy the whole thing,  just a select few, but the songs I do purchase are well worth the money.

Album Review: Iggy Azalea “The New Classic”

Let me just say this is a great album. I love what she has done with it, her rap style and playful lyrics definitely helps you look past the fact the she is a white female rapper…come to think of it I don’t think any white female rapper that has ever made it this big, so you know she must be doing something right. Produced by The Invisible Men and  the Messengers this album is killing the charts. Her mega hit “Fancy” is a party game changer, no matter what race  Jewish, Indian or Chinese they cant help but boogie down and recite the words “I’m so Fancy” genius! Iggy finally got her break with this album and good for her! She deserves it! Lets hope she keeps up the hard work…oh and the song “Change your Life” featuring  TI is all so a hit. TI does his thing on this track his lyrical flow is a great complement  to the song. The repeat value of  this track  is high I continued to want to hear “Change Your Life” well after playing it all day for like a mouth. This album is worth the bucks but these two songs are definitely the stand out of the album, not to say the rest of the songs aren’t good. “Fuck Love” Is a hardcore track that make you feel like the baddest bitch no matter where your are. Weather it be in the club or waiting on line to get a big mac at bigger king.



The Levels and steps to Becoming a Actor

Hey hey I recently started my acting career last September and I think I am making strides. I some how manged to make a structure to follow that will allow me to attain and focus one goal at a time.

Level One

1. Head shots. This is your bread and butter lady’s and gents but I bet most of you already knew that. There are a number of ways to getting them. If you don’t have money for professionals head shots ask up and coming noob photographers. You model for them for free and they should give you free pics in return. That way both party’s end up getting what they want.

2. Start submitting. There are a number of excellent places craigslist believe it or not…but if they ask for money in any type of way 100% guaranteed its not legit don’t get scammed its easy on their but if you know how too look you should be alright. Use keywords like extras and actors when searching in the talent section, also is a good one.

3. Monologue. You need this because it shows your ability to memorize lines and how you deliver them. Some castings ask  for it but some don’t but its always good to have one or two memorized in case, at least one dramatic and one comedy. You will even feel more confident knowing you can deliver your monologue and that you actually remembered all that crap.

4. You have to do stuff for free. Their is no getting around this at level one. Nobody knows you. This is how you network with other noob directors and producers and when they reach the next level in their career lets hope they remember you. Plus you gain footage to allow you to create your video reel but that’s in level two.

Tip: For level one its best you find a part time job that is flexible. You need to be available as much as you can. Catering, waitering, bartending and brand ambassading are great part time flexible gigs.

Song Review: “He Rocked The Nation” By Maxx12

Pretty cool track not something that I would consider listening too again tho. Even with all the wild arrangements, guitar solos and rifts I just found it kind of boring. I hate to say it but this tune did not make me want to rock out or do anything. It felt like it was missing something but all together it was not that bad of a track, maybe someone else would love it.