Song Review: Calvin Harris “Blame” feat. John Newman

Calvin Harris as we all know is an amazing music producer and songwriter. Now with that being said his new song “Blame” is pretty cool. The drops are heavy and makes you want rave out for the few seconds. This song is very up and down in tempo, a well enjoyed ride.  John Newman’s vocals are the perfect ragged frequency for this particular song as it blends well with the arrangement of instruments and synths that are being played. I first thought this song was just ok…nothing really bad, nothing really good but the more I listen to it the more I liked it but I havent listen too it enough to say its my favorite. Still, I would enjoy it if it came on the radio or spotify.

Album Review: “Be Impressive” The Griswolds

The Griswolds is an alternative rock pop band from Sydney Australia and I…I…I love them! There are a great band. Their sound is modern and not cheesy. Their new album Be Impressive  is exactly that, impressive. Dare I say I like every track on this album. “16 years” “Beware the Dog” “Down and Out” “Be Impressive” are all my favorites! I could without a doubt name more tracks, because this album is that dam tasty.  The arrangements to the melody’s, vocals and rhythm are amazingly done like the best cocktail drink I ever had. Honestly I felt joy just listening to Be Impressive.  I hope this band does great because I feel its well deserved. I would for sure bye this album the replay value is high and I could see this being played anywhere from a BBQ, house party’s or just waiting in line at Starbucks.

Album Review: “Worlds” By Porter Robinson

Wow…I mean really? From the very first track I heard, I knew this was going to be a banger. The song “Divinity” with Amy Millan Had my head bobbing uncontrollably. The synths, the samples and Amy’s vocals is an incredible blend of sounds that makes this track great and that’s just  the first song off of Worlds. Its hard to believe that this kid is only 22 years old. I have to say that’s some talent. His ear for music is something special. “Sad Machine”  Is also great, its an upbeat/chill song which feels like a journey from the beginning to the end. An empowering blend of rhymes that makes you want to climb a mountain. “Fresh Static Snow” is also another favorite of mine. Its a grunge synth type song with essence of the movie “Drive” put into it. Makes you want to go out and buy a leather jacket and get into a knife fight…ahh the good ole days. “Polygon Dust” another of favorites gives you the same feel as “Sad Machine” but this time with Lemaitre on vocals which its definitely a added bonus. Over all I love this album and I would buy it. I could see this being played at clubs, house parties or speeding down the highway.

Album Review: “The Voyager” by Jenny Lewis

The Voyager is a mixture of things. Its a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll and some Indie pop thrown into it as well. I applaud Jenny for trying a little bit  everything… now with that being said I can’t say I love the album although it has a nice variety of music genre’s mixed in, it’s not ground breaking. Almost every song is mediocre at best. Her vocals are not my favorite, on some tracks it felt like she sang out of key or couldn’t quite hit that note right but I did really like one song out of the ten on The Voyager. “She’s Not Me” was my favorite. The smooth lyrics and catchy melody did it in for me. It was sweet on the ears and I enjoyed listening to it. I could possibly listen to this track a few times without getting tired of it. Would I buy this album? No. Would I buy a song? Maaaaybe “She’s Not Me” I would purchase but other then that I am not a fan.

Album review: “Reboot” by Milkman

This high octane album is perfect for a rave or an out of control birthday party. The synth heavy tracks unleashes a wave of upbeat noise that would have you literally jumping. My favorite track is “Underwater” which is right there in the middle. Its gets crazy but not too crazy and the vocals from Kelly Sweet is a joy to listen too. I have no quarrels with any of the tracks on this five song album. Reboot is pretty much just party jam, get wasted, loose your mind ordeal. I would not buy the album of fear of getting tired of these songs quickly. Their is no longevity in any of these songs but great to listen too just for this summer and this summer only. All the tracks lack the ability to appeal to the masses but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Single Review: “You Haunt me” by Sir Sly

This is a pop chill track with catchy lyrics and  a smooth beat. I can’t see this song blowing up or changing the music game but it’s wonderful to listen too. It’s cute, it has flavor and I don’t mind vibing to it. I would say the replay value is medium to low although well engineered, its nothing to shake a leg at. Would I buy this track? No but if it came on the radio I would not change the station.

Album Review: “The Shawn Mendes EP” by Shawn Mendes

Canadian born Shawn Mendes released his new self tittle ep on July 28.  Its a four track ep thats ‘s enjoyable but nothing special or out the ordinary here, which in my opinion is kinda lame. It’s a typical sit down in chair and play my acoustic guitar feel. Real simple and easy. No favorites here but all songs are well made and I can hear it being played while grannie is tending to her garden or maybe even  background music in a life time movie. Shawn Mendes voice also  has a similar resembles to Justin Beibers. Not to say all Canadians sound a like but Shawns voice does have a Justin Beiber flavor to it but less whiny, dont get me wrong tho I like some of the Beibs music. Would I buy this album? No. Would id buy any songs? No. Would I want to listen to this ep again probably not but I think that’s just my own taste. None of these tracks excite me but I could see someone really loving it, like grannie.