Album Review: “In Technicolor” Jesse McCartney

Let me just start by saying that I love this album!!! Omg, its sooo good. This is pop music at its finest! In Technicolor  gives you a variety of pop taste which  I love.  “All About Us” which is one of my favorites on the album has a Michael Jackson feel too it and let me say, its not a cheap imitation of the king, it’s done really well, Michael himself would be proud. Then you have “Goodie Bag” yup one of my favorites too! This track has like, a Chris Brown, Jason Derulo feel to it and again he does it justice. His vocals are amazing! He hits every note with clarity and the beat is phenomenal.  Who ever produced these tracks I want to shake your hand. The song “Back Together” is classic Jesse with an up beat tempo and hurrah like lyrics. My boy Jesse has come a long way, he never really quite blew up like a Chris Brown or a Trey Songs but he stayed consistent, on top of that his music has also matured in the way people of all ages could like; If this album is not a game changer then I don’t know whats going on in our music today. Would I buy this album? Yes, yes, yes, I would. I Favorited five out of the eleven tracks on In Technicolor. The replay value is also high in my books, a solid recommendation for any barbecue, birthday or backyard party.

Album Review: “Alvvays” by Alvvays

Boooring! This album is a snore. This band  consist of five members two out of the three being girls. They are originally from Canada and I wish I could say that Canada did it again, pumping out great music and artist but this time im going to have to say naay. First of, almost every song on the album was slow and uninteresting to listen too. There were two tracks  I could stand and another that I thought was actually great but the feel of this album was high school prom night over and over and did forget to mention over again; 90’s prom night too be exact. For some reason this album did not speak to me in a good way. The instrumentals were uncaring, although its a well made album and the songs are of quality, the taste is like soup kitchen at best. This is the type of album you would put on and try to go sleep…most likely you will but my favorite song on Alvvays is “Red Planet.” “Adult Diversion” and “Party Police” are good too but “Red Planet” is a slow song done right. Relaxing melodies, smooth silky vocals, a piece of work I could listen too any where multiple times. Would I buy this album? I think you know the answer to that question. Would I buy “Red Planet”? yeah I would and that’s it. If i had problems sleeping then I would probably buy the whole the thing but  actually maybe this is what Alvvays was made for. Hey at least the album cover is really cool.


Album Review: “Trouble In Paradise” by La Roux

Hiiii La Roux! We missed you! The last hit she did was Bulletproof in 2009 but now she’s back and with a bang. The first song on the album “Uptight Downtown” has playful lyrics and a infectious beat. The guitars riffs alone has my heart at awe. I don’t think I have to say it, it’s one of my favorites. I’ve listen to this album and I had no skips for I liked every song, not to say every song was my favorite but it was good enough for me to listen to from beginning to end. This album is energetic and fun a must have for any work out or marathon run. The only slow or ballet like songs are “Paradise is You” and “Let Me Down Gently” which in my opinion are great tunes to listen too relax and unwind from a hard day’s work. My second favorite song is and “Tropical Chancer”  it has a slight island rhythm to it, mid to fast tempo but all the right frequency’s. Are those steel pans I hear? Its a nice twist to the rest of the album makes you want to grab a Pinot cola-ta and boogie down. Would I buy the album? No, im sorry. I would not buy the whole thing, I only have two favorites out of this nine track album. All the rest of the songs are nice to listen too and I like them but I don’t see myself listening to those tracks over and over again. That being said, Hell Yeah I would buy “Uptight Downtown” and  “Tropical Chancer” I don’t mind listening to these tracks over and.. well you know the rest. Overall this album is great and worth its weight gold. I would not buy the whole thing but whoever does much respect and your getting quality music.


Album Review: “Nobody Smiling” By Common

Ohhhhh he did it again. This is album is great. It was released yesterday July 22, I like almost every song with “Diamonds” feat Big Sean being my favorite.  The rhythm and how this album was produced is amazing. Every song is different in a good way which keeps me interested and listening. The only song that was a little too out there, even for me was “Speak My Piece” The beat is strange as if  off key somehow but I feel like I could grow to like it if heard enough times. I definitely want to commend him on thinking outside the box. I have no bad words for this album. From beginning to end it keeps you entertained. The over all feel of the album is a grungy hip-hop vibe with a little bit of soul mixed in. I would actually buy this album for the replay value is high. The smart lyrics is always key in a “Common” joint that’s almost a given. I could see how people from all areas of life could like this album if not all the songs or at least one or two. as for the hip-hop community, you will love this one.

PS this album is no wear near for children I think every track had vile language on it but its still great.

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Album Review: “Five Seconds of Summer” by 5SOS

5SOS is a four man band consisting of Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin. Originally from Australia they seem to have created a buzz here in the U.S. Now…I have heard the album  and I have to say its a typical teeny bopper, summertime fun, yay yay type mess. Its not necessarily a bad thing but once summer is over I don’t think im gonna remember any of these songs and im absolutely sure I wont be singing them in summer 2015.  The first five tracks kinda sounded the same. Had that loud rock and roll summer feel to it. I was getting bored.  Then “Everything I Didn’t Say” came on and I was like, huh, OK maybe they do have something else up there sleeve. Then “Beside You” started playing and that’s when I knew these guys are somewhat good, because these tracks were different. It still gave you that rock and party feel but done in a way that’s taste full, also “Mrs All American”  takes the throne for great high energy, fun in the sun, done right, type vibe. The playful lyrics and fun undertones is great! actually I think that’s my favorite song on there…would you look at that? Would I buy the album. No. What I would buy tho is one or two songs. Over all its a fun and amusing to listen too at least the tracks I didn’t skip.

Album Review: “Hello Memory” by Little Daylight

“Little Daylight” consist of band members Nikki Taylor, Matt Lewkowicz and Eric Zeile. They are based out in Brooklyn, NY and their new album  Hello Memory,  which was release on July 15  is outstanding! The energy through this album is high definitely party friendly and summer beach savvy tunes.  I am amazed I did not skip any songs on this album. I also had two favorite songs out of this ten track album. “Overdose” and “My Life” are the two that stood out to me. Those tracks are great to listen too! They are upbeat, her vocals are amazing on each song its a great tune to party too or just workout and clean your room. I really liked this album, would I buy the whole thing…hmmm not sure that I would but it’s well made. Capital records have a great group of artist on their team. The reason why I would not buy the whole thing is the replay value is low and I don’t see myself listening to these songs over and over again but this rock, alternative, pop album is worth the price of $7.99.


Album Review: Jason Mraz “Yes”

Jason Mraz is a 37 year old singer song-writer from Mechanicsville, Virginia. His new album “Yes” which was released yesterday on July 15  is a Classic, jazzy, chill arrangement of music; Where you just want to sit back and drink some tea but that’s none of my business. My favorite on the album was the song “Shine” out of all the chill and semi upbeat tracks on this, the song “Shine” to me, feels like it embodies everything the album is going to offer. If that even makes sense but with that being said I did not skip over any songs, its a well made album and Jason’s vocals are amazing. His voice is like a smooth blend of yogurt and ice-cream meaning that its great to listen too on a hot summer day. I would not consider buying this album for I only really liked one song but I feel like there is defiantly a market out there for people who loves this type of chill, acoustic, guitary, I want to say hillbilly but with class, you know, type music. I like it and if  heard it on the radio I would not change the station.