The Levels and steps to Becoming a Actor

Hey hey I recently started my acting career last September and I think I am making strides. I some how manged to make a structure to follow that will allow me to attain and focus one goal at a time.

Level One

1. Head shots. This is your bread and butter lady’s and gents but I bet most of you already knew that. There are a number of ways to getting them. If you don’t have money for professionals head shots ask up and coming noob photographers. You model for them for free and they should give you free pics in return. That way both party’s end up getting what they want.

2. Start submitting. There are a number of excellent places craigslist believe it or not…but if they ask for money in any type of way 100% guaranteed its not legit don’t get scammed its easy on their but if you know how too look you should be alright. Use keywords like extras and actors when searching in the talent section, also is a good one.

3. Monologue. You need this because it shows your ability to memorize lines and how you deliver them. Some castings ask  for it but some don’t but its always good to have one or two memorized in case, at least one dramatic and one comedy. You will even feel more confident knowing you can deliver your monologue and that you actually remembered all that crap.

4. You have to do stuff for free. Their is no getting around this at level one. Nobody knows you. This is how you network with other noob directors and producers and when they reach the next level in their career lets hope they remember you. Plus you gain footage to allow you to create your video reel but that’s in level two.

Tip: For level one its best you find a part time job that is flexible. You need to be available as much as you can. Catering, waitering, bartending and brand ambassading are great part time flexible gigs.

Song Review: “He Rocked The Nation” By Maxx12

Pretty cool track not something that I would consider listening too again tho. Even with all the wild arrangements, guitar solos and rifts I just found it kind of boring. I hate to say it but this tune did not make me want to rock out or do anything. It felt like it was missing something but all together it was not that bad of a track, maybe someone else would love it.

Album Review: Arctic Monkeys “AM”

At first when I started to listen to this album I thought to myself that there was nothing special about it, but as I got towards the end I fell in love with two songs that instantly made it to my omega list. The first seven songs were well made. I did not hate it but it was not anything I would listen to over and over again. At that point I had lost hope of finding any track that would make it to the omega list until I heard “Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High” The name of the song alone caught my attention. I even stopped cleaning my kitchen and started to dance…now you know that’s a great track. My ears loved listening to this song as well as “Knee Socks”. That song gave me like an Alice in wonderland kind of feeling which I love. I was bobbing my head to all the drum hits and heart stopping crashes. I would for sure buy these two tracks but as for the whole album…sorry…2 out of 12 is not that that bad.The album is good I had no skips. Its worth listening too.2013ArcticMonkeys_Am_150713

Song Review “Settle the Score” by The Barry Brothers

Ok I got a classic country feel too this track. I like the different elements this song gives you. The arrangements are well thought out, how it takes you from high to low. The lyrics are memorable and I got nothing but good vibes from this array of frequency’s. A welcome addition to any ones playlist. Towards the end of the track it takes you to like a country rock vibe which will have the whole barn yelling “burn it down” beginning to end this song keeps you interested with no boring elements in the midst great work!

Liberty Prime Steakhouse…Yeah, the food is amazing.

I had the pleasure of being a part of a commercial for liberty Prime Steak House which is located on 111 Montgomery St Jersey City NJ and oh yeah, the food was on point. I had a Liberty Prime Burger which was off the hook. I mean just juicy and flavor full but Let me just say the menu is mildly priced.The most expensive dish was 28$. The decorum was sophisticated but current, great setting for having a business lunch, late night dinner with friends….did I mention date night? Check out the commercial here

<p><a href=”″>Prime Time</a> from <a href=”″>Pure Motion Pictures</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Tip: To my fellow actors. I found this gig on craigslist which goes to show you can find cool things on there juts a matter of finding it.


You know your an early 80s & 90s baby when…..

When the hardest choice you had to make was this Pokémon_box_art_-_Red_Version                                                                                                                             Red Or Blue                                                                                                                       Blue_EN_boxart                                                            Cause your mamma was only going to buy you one……but what if you could not decide?

Pokemon_Yellow                                                                                                                              There it is

Album Review: Night Time, My Time By Sky Ferreira

I wanted to love this pop/rock album but I found it hard too. Some songs were just uninteresting to listen too, the melody’s was just intangible and just plain hard to vibe with but that being said there was some songs I really liked. “24 Hours” “Your Not The One” and “Heavy Metal Heart” was among them, almost omega status but not quite…actually maybe “Your Not The One” could be omega royalty. This album is pretty much hasno in between, when the track is hot then its hot but if its not its trash there is definitely no OK songs in this album either high or low. I would not buy the whole album, just a few tracks.